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This is invaluable.

Take LOTS of pictures. You'll be surprised you thought you took a picture of that framed wall only to have missed the exact spot you need. Also take pictures of the ceiling of each room. Did I mention take more pictures then you just did? Do it.

At key points (where you may mount a TV), take a picture of a measuring tape opened across 3 joists - you'll thank me later :)

Ensure you take pictures of the garage frame and garage ceiling as well. If you are able, add extra power outside and if you're really able to, add a gas line (yes, I know gas is bad) outside too where you want a BBQ or firepit - again you'll thank me later :)


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Please go deeper into what made up those 6.9 million. I'll spoil it for you. Most likely 4-5 million plus were golf cart sized cars in China. Only about 2 to 2.5 million were real vehicles(being generous). And again a lot if not most of those were produced in China. Only 1+ million were produced outside of China.

But what's your point?


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All those other EVs maybe add up to a 10 to 20K total. Again mostly compliance vehicles.

Agreed on the movement of EVs. We're about to hit the S curve of EVs. And who's in great position vs. who's not. The ones who are not in position, only the highlighted + Ford are ready. The rest, I'm sorry just aren't going to be there.


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I hope we can agree # of brands is a meaningless #. It's about what can you deliver/produce?

If you can produce a few thousand (or even 10K) of a brand, is that really production? Or just compliance cars so you don't have to pay credits to Tesla and other EV companies?

A reminder, Rivian has produced 14K YTD. GM has produced just over 15K YTD. That's the real measuring tape - yeah?


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I hear you, but actually producing is a big deal.

14K Rivians

15K GMs

128K BMWs

336K VWs (Audi and Porsche fall under VW)

135K Hyundai/Kia

28K Fords

365K Teslas

Those are reported 3rd quarter YTD BEV numbers. I did miss BMW (those minis :) and gave Ford way too much credit. Everyone other than the highlighted 4 are struggling for production. As noted by someone: 'Production is hard'.