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You can change your electricity provider through the UI for one that has a lower generation rate. There are many to choose from that are close to what the old rates were, and some can be locked in for 6mos, 1 year, etc. Here is a link to the website where you can select another supplier rate

I would also say that 941 kWh seems like a lot to me. I have a 1br 1ba about 600 sqft and I pretty consistently use 71 kWh per month. I don't WFH, but I can't imagine that my usage would spike that much even if I was home all the time.


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Gather is right on the 223 line and very walkable from 224 (1 block) or 228(2 blocks) lines. In case that's helpful! I also think there are craft gatherings at Volume 2 (also on state) and at 3 sheets. They might not be as regularly scheduled as some of the other places that have been mentioned but they are very welcoming places in town