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Beautiful work .... this is like those text book instructions on how to build a shed in your back yard ... excellent build and a very satisfying series of images to follow it .... and a bonus to show how much it all costs and how and where the major costs come from ... amazing!

What people should realize too is the unpaid labor that went into this. Because you did it yourself, you saved money, but you spent your time and energy, which costs money elsewhere, so that is always a cost we all ignore.

If you had hired someone or a contractor with a small team to do this, you could have doubled or tripled your budget. And it wouldn't have been as nice or strong as what you built.

I know because I'm a self taught construction / renovation worker. I worked in the business a little and gained enough knowledge and skill to be able to build and renovate every house, cottage and garage I own over the years.

Your little shed is not a little shed as it is a ton of work over many hours using skills, knowledge, mistakes and experience acquired over years. You should be proud. This was very satisfying to watch and see ... thanks and keep up the great work.


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Neither of these topics were eliminated or eradicated ... they were temporarily reduced or regressed but they have always remained. These traits are still there, they are still a force in society, they just are not as popular as they once were. Place the right amount of propaganda around anything and you can make the public believe anything .... even in this day in age.


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The texts and pieces that survive.

Imagine losing 99% of all global data 1,000 years from now ... there was a huge catastrophe, an asteroid hit the planet and blew away half the surface and much of what was left barely survived. A few thousand humans survive but they lose all of civilization and are thrown back to hunter survival mode. A couple hundred years go by and people start to pick up the pieces of their lost ancestors.

They find a partial chapter of the Bible, a few pages of the Koran, some Hebrew texts, a dozen books on New York tax law, a partial copy of hustler magazine and your complete personal written journal with all its writing and doodles.


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Sticks and stones may break my bones
but words will never hurt me they said

.... but she said I was ugly now my electricity is telling my imagination that my meat hurts inside my magic skeleton :(