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"This is a big piece of mental health problems" no it's a symptom of your mental health. Your mindset doesn't mean shit when you don't even have a sense of personality and your brain literally controls your mindset


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My 3 and my 7 pro have both survived everything short of me directly playing it in explosives, my iphone 6 broke from the heat it was producing on its own when not even under load. Literally cracked the front and back.

But with the rising costs of 1+ I'm gonna be looking for a new brand after this one bites the dust. The allure was high end phones at mid-tier prices. They don't have that anymore.


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That is my true complaint with OnePlus. They went from flagship killer to full price flagship. The 7 pro will likely be my last because of this. I mean I'd rather a OnePlus to a Samsung for a variety of reasons.... But I'd much prefer finding a new flagship killer to paying a thousand dollars for a phone.