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I had a good looking contractor working on the apartment complex I lived in several years ago. He would carve "arrowheads" made of glass and leave them on my patio table for me to find.

I thought it was very sweet and gave me the confidence to speak to him when I saw him one day. I thanked him for the "gifts" and gushed about how talented and thoughtful he was.

He tipped his hat and said, "My wife tells me that all the time."

Ugh. Definitely read him incorrectly. I was very embarrassed.


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I'm in Florida. We can dial just the 7-digit number if it's in the same area code. Otherwise, we have to use 1-area code-number. It's weird though because I'm in 813 and some 727 (next county over) numbers won't allow the 1 to be used first whereas other 727 numbers require the 1, depending on the area.


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In my area, 988 is a longstanding prefix to many numbers. I tried dialing my doctor's office, which has a 988-xxxx number. Same area code as me, so I shouldn't need to enter the area code. Just dial 988-xxxx. I immediately get the suicide prevention line. I'm totally supportive of having this as a means for people to get the help they need, but they should have thought ahead when assigning a local number.


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Reply to comment by gwaydms in [Homemade] Cheese by 5ittingduck

Thank you. It's still so unreal.

I guess, in the back of our minds, we expected a phone call one day that would report she overdosed. We didn't expect she'd be hit by a car and killed instantly.

Holidays come and go, and I know they'll never be as complete as they should, could have been.


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I remember my daughter visiting my house and going into my fridge, exclaiming, "You have a cheese drawer!"

I love cheese and although I don't make my own, I do keep a variety on hand in a drawer in my fridge.

My daughter was killed earlier this year, and I think about her comment every time I open my fridge. 😭