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I don’t use Lyft or Uber unless it’s my only option and I can count all of my rides on one hand. You can use the service without having to give all of your info. I’ve never given my home address and got picked up and dropped off close enough to walk but far enough that the driver is gone by the time I get to my house. Precise location access isn’t required so I keep that turned off. You’re given a pic of the driver along with vehicle description prior to pick up so if anything doesn’t match when they arrive you shouldn’t get in the car. You can share your location with family or friends and they can literally watch you’re every move going from point A to point B. Im still weirded out about the idea but these added features do help in trying to keep both riders and drivers safe.


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I’m not going to mention company names but my husband and nephew both work as installers. They’ve worked for a few companies over the years and each of them does some shady shit in one way or another. It’s sad that homeowners have to question the companies word but better than getting taken advantage of. Make sure you read the contract inside and out and ask 1000 questions if you need to before making a decision. Also, be sure that any promises they make verbally are in writing as well. Sounds like silly advice but I’ve heard too many stories where things were left out or worded differently than agreed upon. Feel free to pm me if you have other questions or want specific info.


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Had a jeep years ago and she was a reliable beast that I planned on spending many more years with. It was the fucking electrical problems that led to our untimely separation lol. Nobody wanted to work on it once they heard it was not just any electrical but a Jeeps issue


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When you say lgbtq friendly are you looking for an area that has a known larger population of lgbtq people living there or just that the residents are “tolerant”? I think that most areas (at least in north jersey) are lgbtq friendly. Also, just felt the need to say that it’s almost 2023 and it’s fucked up that people still have to worry about where they live just because of who they choose to love.