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I live with a reporter for the mainstream media (large public broadcasting station) and get to experience her job from the home office. Editorial meetings involve arguments about what to cover and how.

"Everything" includes a lot of bullshit opinions, and it's folly to assume we each have the background necessary to separate truth from falsehood across every topic.


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I had terrible cat allergies when I was a kid. Lived with cats in my 20s they mostly went away. Started dating a girl with a cat in my late 30s, they came back and went away again. Got a couple cats a couple years later, of a bread that's supposed to be "hypoallergenic" (bengals) and had my first asthma attack with strong allergies ever since.

Idk how it works but modern OTC allergy meds are stronk enough that I can kiss their sweet bellies whenever I want. Pic related.



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I mean people have probably been making "stick-henge" calendars for tens of thousands of years. Clever people who could predict seasons and astronomical phenomena would have been highly respected.