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^ Thank you! I’m all for micro-mobility stuff and I’m sure a lot more people would be too if the users actually had some courtesy when on the road

The reputation cyclists and e-bikers and other riders have amongst a lot people are “those annoying assholes who go through red lights,” not to say that they’re all bad but that’s the general view of them from my experience

Also this issue of batteries exploding is just insane, how are these bikes and scooters still allowed on the street? Can you imagine the uproar if it was EV batteries or maybe the batteries within hybrid vehicles?


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… so you have approximately $75 + $6.26 in terms of actual money for yourself that’s not considered “necessities”? Damn, that sounds miserable 💀 I hope you can get a higher paying job mate

Also, $620 rent with utilities?! Where in the city are you living, there are people who’d kill for that rate!

But damn OP, I genuinely hope your situation improves because I’m pretty sure $23k/year is below the poverty line 😢