open_door_policy t1_jdizw1w wrote

It's so flippin' cool to me that we're learning how to make earthquakes.

Do you know if there are any serious plans yet to start deliberately taking preventive measures to head off the Big Ones that we know are inevitable at certain fault lines?


open_door_policy t1_j4nno2b wrote

Enough that it's usually not worth it in a body that's also taken the years of use.

It's been a hot decade, but I think it cost $300 for Nikon to do substantial repairs to one of mine. And I think replacement cost was in the $500 range. Typical I think is in the range of 1/4 to 1/3 the cost of replacement for the whole camera... and if you like the model you've been using you can usually get a "used" model that has a double digit shutter count for around that same price by the time you've worn one out.