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Check out the Scranton and NEPA subreddits.

The area is insulated and old-world. Kind of tribal. Outsiders are looked on with suspicion. I married into it, found out for myself lol. But we live 2+ hours away. For a family, there are areas I'd recommend. But as a single dude...Pose the question on r/Scranton and see what they say.

Also - met my wife 25 years ago and not in that area. Brain drain took her away after college. No work.


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I have family in the area. Scranton is pretty dead. There are bars, etc but you're not going to have much of a dating pool. Serious brain drain problem in Northeast PA going back forever. People who get an education get out.

It's also a fairly depressing area in general. Lots of distressed properties everywhere you look and very little investment. The city itself has been on a downward cycle of urban flight ---> higher taxes ---> more urban flight. Very little professional employment in the area outside of the medical field.

If you like the outdoors than it's a little better - nice state parks around. Poconos skiing. Lakes. Plenty of state forest and game land.

Good luck!