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I think you nailed it!

From the article:

>In particular, it is relatively straightforward to engage in a task that has clear goals and which provides clear feedback on how well we’re doing.

Or point number nine. I would suggest tweaking the language here a bit. I entered a "flow" state according to the criteria a few summers ago, but I wasn't challenging myself physically. It was mentally challenging. I accidentally discovered an anthill and decided, slowly, to observe them, then to interact neutrally, then to cause a little mischief. Forty minutes later, I got thirsty and snapped back into "time". As a concept. Hah!

Just some additionary information to put out there. Know your skills, and then be willing to see lil challenges in unexpected places.


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The first time I saw my boyfriend play a lady, I was a bit surprised. Then I saw him moving the camera around in questionable ways and it all made sense. xD

I was 16. With another 16 years under my belt, nope, not weird in the least.

My ex-husband also played female chars "because they're a smaller target", so. Whether it's borderline creepy or tactical, you do you broh.


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It would be AMAZING to build a wild corridor between Mexico and the US. I see that housing developments, possibly turbine area?, farms/ranches, and potentially the divider wall are obstacles. Are there any other impediments in place?

ETA: Great episode, too!