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Scamrock The Block

I still remember when they tried to ignore that Covid was happening in 2020 and the self-righteousness of the organizer when the mayor told him to shut it down. Always remember, they don’t give two shits about whether or not you enjoy yourself. They only care about money.


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So I’m supposed to supervise them now? That’s another thing someone else is getting paid to do. I’m stupefied that people are actually arguing against the idea that people who work for RPD should actually do their job. They should do it for this shooting as well as any other shooting where a suspect was not immediately apprehended.

What would you say if a police department issued a statement like this: “A violent prisoner escaped from a maximum security prison today. Please call us if you have any information. We have no other information to release at this time.”


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I’m with you on the second point, which has been proven over and over and over. The third point is actually a function of the second (higher qualifications and requirements), so I agree with you on that point as long as the second thing happens.

I’m not sure the first is true, however. If the job is scoped to leverage the higher skill set 90% of the time, I don’t know that you need more police. I think about all the parking/traffic enforcement/control, busting of pot shops, and general over policing which occurs and think about how those jobs could likely be done by others, with police involvement when warranted.

One of my theories is that the public is conditioned to assume that the police are the answer to far wider set of problems than would be true IF the construct of how to achieve/maintain public safety were different. It would take a pretty significant restructuring of our systems, and there doesn’t seem to be a huge appetite amongst the power players to do so.


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Did you know that RPD has people who are paid to do these sorts of things? I mean, it’s actually their job. And at least one of them was a well-known journalist in Richmond prior to joining the RPD.

This is one of the reasons why I expect more. It’s baffling to me that people think this is an unusual expectation. Sure, on the order of the list of problems with the RPD has, it’s certainly lower on the list of priorities. But there are people we are paying to do this very job, and only this job.


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You’re kidding about the first sentence, right? Police departments are constantly stating whether or not someone was apprehended, if a suspect or person of interest has been identified and if there is any risk to the public. It happens daily all over this country.

Did you know that RPD has people who are paid to do these sorts of things? I mean, it’s actually their job. And at least one of them was a well-known journalist in Richmond prior to joining the RPD.

This is one of the reasons why I expect more.


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Meanwhile, pressers are held to spread lies. It’s laughable that you use this argument in light of the VAST amounts of commentary the RPD has made over the past two years.

In general, I agree with the ongoing investigation commentary thing, however please explain how an investigation would be compromised or any additional litigation risk beyond what the RPD already seems comfortable with would be incurred by stating: “Our investigation continues and we believe the any risk to the public as a direct result of this incident has passed.”


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>Kind of weird OP that you’ve made 3 posts about this one particular shooting but none about the dozens of shootings in Gilpin/Mosby/Hillside/etc that occur every year.

It’s not weird at all. I don’t have residents of any of those neighborhoods hitting me up for information, nor do I have information on the vast majority of those shootings which indicate that there is additional information which could be probably be made available to the public without risk to an investigation. And I don’t think you’ve done a very thorough job of reviewing my posts about shitty police communications. I don’t limit my criticism about this to one area of the city.

>You live in a city. Shit happens.

What a refreshing change of perspective. /s

It’s almost as if you don’t want the police to do better.

>If there was any ongoing danger then you would know about it.

Now you’re getting into comedic territory. That’s hilarious, particularly given the years of lies we’ve heard from the RPD. Oh, you were serious about that?

You live in a city. Shit happens.


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I think you missed the point. I believe the suspect is known and there is no danger to the public from people who were involved.

I just want the RPD to make a statement, not just in this case, but in all cases where they know that the suspect is no longer a risk to the public. Shit, they didn’t even say whether or not suspects were at large with respect to several murders over the past few weeks. Is it so difficult to say, “The suspect is <known/unknown> and/or <at large/apprehended>”?!?

I’ll make it a Google form that any officer can fill out in 15 seconds.


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I’ve been here plenty of times, so I know to always expect two things:

  • You will always leave smelling like you’ve been working in the kitchen, so dress appropriately. I’m not sure why they can’t improve the exhaust system.
  • The service can be slow at times.

Went last weekend, sat at the bar. It was full, so we expected things to take time. However, the bartender was simply not interested in engaging for almost 10 minutes after we sat down. He passed us by several times before he brought menus and asked us if we would like water. Not even an acknowledgement, no eye contact, nothing.

When he did engage, he didn’t allow us to order drinks, he just told us he would be back with water. He got the waters, dropped them off, then turned around immediately to leave and do other things such as putting clean glassware onto the shelves. It was almost as if he wanted us to walk out. After at least five more minutes, he finally came back to ask us if we wanted to order drinks. We didn’t waste time and ordered drinks and food at the same time. The food came quickly, but our beverages and water glasses sat empty while he passed back and forth right in front of us, never once looking our way to pre-bus or check in. Missed easy opportunities for revenue for Bacchus, and a very frustrating experience for us.

The food was good, as it almost always is. But I’ll probably just order take out from them from now on (if at all). I’ve regretted the decision to dine in at Bacchus the last three times (each time at the bar). There are plenty of choices with good food and much better service than this.