oplatwo t1_ja2okxo wrote

Obviously they are marketed well. I’ve had 5 pairs of AirPods so far. Two I damaged was my own fault, so no fault to Apple there.

Gen 1 and 2 were fine, were they amazing? No not really. They worked well and were fluid using them. I would say not worth the money if the cost meant something to you even.

I have some weird shaped ear canals and it’s been hard to find something that fits better than AirPods. This is always hit or miss with people.

I decided to take a chance on the new pros, since they are shaped different and have tips, not something that’s worked out well for me.

They are very good, they fit really well and don’t bother me longterm at all. Sound quality is alright, you’re not getting anything insane in this department but it’s fine. Using and connecting etc is to me really good, I don’t have any complaints here.

Now I drive a truck for a living, so normally if I was going to talk on the phone I’d use an actual headset but I’ve been giving these a try lately and they do an incredible job at cancelling noise for the other caller. This to me is probably the best feature so far followed closely by the comfortability of wear.

As for price, definitely not worth it, I’d apply this to just about anything you can buy here so it’s kind of more can you afford this luxury purchase or do you need this? I don’t think they are terribly priced, just wish for the average person, they were more moderately priced ya know. I can buy a $40 headset off amazon for work that will sound fine and does the job, but doesn’t look all that cool or isn’t fancy.