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As of about 1 PM pacific, this article has more info than the one linked: https://www.kcra.com/article/highway-50-closed-near-hard-rock-hotel-and-casino-in-south-lake-tahoe-police-say/43417511

One person shot in the head at a bar in the casino. Two men identified as shooters and arrested. Seems like it's most likely some kind of dispute involving alcohol and dumb asses.


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Those older people still in "limbo" are going to be getting paid a ton of money as consultants. All the big companies still run AIX on their critical workloads and finding people who know AIX is getting harder and harder. It's like if you're a mainframe person - there aren't many left and the really important shit runs on mainframes so if you know it... $$$$$


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Sorry, Seattle. It's my fault. Usually Northern California gets this treatment, so this year I sprung for a fancy HEPA indoor air filter (quite the upgrade from last year when I taped an HVAC filter to a box fan) so we had the best Sept/Oct air quality in a long time. Unfortunately, I also replaced the gutters on my house in January and it basically stopped raining too. Hopefully we'll get rain this year and no fires next year.