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If that were the issue then the charges need to relate to that. The problem is that's likely covered under free speach.

As it stands they are charged with trespassing. If they are found guilty then that sets a precedent where anyone who attaches a sign to an overpass fence is guilty of trespassing.

If they were found guilty of hate speach then that would be a different story.


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I've met several. Such kind youths always offering to ride my bicycle for me when I pass them on the street.

They let themselves into my cars and house several times too.

Oh! They were so excited to meet my aunt that they knocked her over while she was carrying her newborn. I'm sure it was a mistake that they never gave her back her purse......

Yeah. I'm not racist boss. It just looks to me like a lot of the dirt bike kids are coming from west Baltimore. Don't make it something it isn't.


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No. They do not wear out. What happens is they are made or installed poorly, or some other piece fails and allows the joists to get wet which then rots them out. That's why particle board is bad. It will absorb water like a sponge and rot any other wood pieces it touches.


Unless they are failed, you are just wasting money replacing things that are fine. Houses last hundreds of years without any replaced parts if they are well made and well maintained. The replaced parts they DO get are due to water or bugs usually.


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That's not how it works. Those new joists would not be any better than the ones removed. This isn't a wear item. A joist may fail and need to be replaced but it isn't like an engine or other moving part. It's either good or it's bad. The costs of this job are mostly due to the homeowner not knowing what they are doing.


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Look dude, I'm not 100% sure what you are trying to say here but I read your post and comment history and it's clear you are a self important tool bag. Have a nice day.