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No, I’ve stayed in shape my whole life but In 2017 I had a work related injury and many operations since and one still pending that will hopefully allow me to walk and balance properly. I eat right but I do love beer so if you’re not able to work it off you will gain weight. I’m able to bike and swim but weight training and treadmill are severely limited do to pain so I do what I can do. I’m currently six kilos overweight down from fifteen which most people think is completely fine but I don’t like carrying extra weight.


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I have been wearing gym shorts and track pants for a few years due to weight gain. I haven’t bought bigger trousers or jeans for thirty years and I’m not about to. I’m about two months away from being fit again but I’ll be going back yet again for my sixth or seventh ankle surgery. My brothers are fat and there’s nothing wrong with them other than they’re lazy and they eat too much. I don’t get it.