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It's not about the human-perceived clocks. It's about the hyper-precision clocks necessary to do things involving radio timing. That's critical to -- or even the very foundation of -- a lot of technologies we take for granted, like rapid communications, radio positioning systems, or accurately tracking orbiting bodies.


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Adding on to what others are saying, the raw data is a measurement of our world, and the way we have constructed and formed our world is inherently biased. People are congregated into clusters physically, economically, and socially for all manner of reasons, many of which are unfit criteria for selection. Even after unjust actions are halted, they leave echoes in how the lives of those people and their children are affected: where they grew up, where and how much property they may own, where they went to school, and so on. Those unfit criteria are leaked through anything that gives a proxy measure of those clusters, sometimes in surprising and unintuitive ways that cannot necessarily be scrubbed out or hidden.


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It's not saving like a traditional computer program. Neural networks don't have compartmentalized files like that, just large blocks of numbers that control how strongly the simulated synapses react. What they have created is a sleep-like process that combines two blocks of numbers without discarding the learning contained within.