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I think the laws have changed in the past few years. It used to be that if you purchased in the district you had to register it. When I first moved to Dc I tried to register it at a police station and they had no idea what I was talking about.

Now, however, I don’t think you need to register it and it’s lawful to carry for self defense only.

It’s possible Amazon hasn’t updated their restrictions to match current laws.

Here’s Sabre’s website with outdated info


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20 years ago a good student was defined as someone who could use a computer or calculator effectively to solve problems. Perhaps 10 years ago whomever could use search engines to find data were the most successful. We’re in a transition period where those who can use AI to come up with answers should be considered the best students. Eventually it will be whomever can program the AI to come up with the best solutions.

This cycle continues (rapidly) until people build AIs to optimize AIs in ways we can’t.


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During the Obama administration I was having dinner at a nice place. I was seated in the front window with my date. At one point the passenger area lights in this black SUV in front turn on. You could see inside that it was packed with dudes. One got out and he looked the role of a diplomatic security/secret service type.

I took closer note of my surroundings and realized the guy who I thought was a manager also had an earpiece in. He had a few other guys with him. I pointed out to my date that some muckety muck must be inside having dinner.

About 5 minutes later the security detail went in and walked Biden out. Security through obscurity well done.


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An asteroid whose orbit is no where near intersecting earth’s had another baby asteroid orbiting it. The impactor hit the little guy and made it slow down a skosh. It showed that an asteroid redirect is possible using an impactor.

So let’s say we found a planet killer out there. And you calculated an intercept 20 years from now. So you send up an impactor at the 10 year mark. It offsets the velocity of the asteroid by 1 km/hr. After another 10 years it’s 87,600 km off from where it would have been.


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This reactor was last used by China 20 years ago. It sounds to me the Thailand is more interested in training engineers to operate in this field as well as use it to develop niche technologies like reactor wall lining materials. It probably shouldn’t be framed as Thailand trying to be a leading edge research country or you’re setting them up for failure.


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I’m no expert. I just read this in an article.

Here’s a map.

Let’s logic this out. Right now and for quite a few years Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus will all be on the same side of the sun. Mercury would join them very frequently.

So really the problem becomes one of Venus and mars joining them on that side of the sun or at some apparent angle that it looks like they’re all grouped up from earth’s perspective.

Mars’ orbital period of 687 days would put it on that side every other year but then it would also linger there for an extended period. Venus would saunter into view and eventually Mercury would zip over.


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I think the article is AI written and is a jumble of concepts. Redditors are commenting on some of the less sensical claims.

From the article: “Many of the stars observed in this study are expected to become low mass stars like our galaxy's sun. “

Comment below references this.