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Honestly same, I feel as safe as I always have. I’m also a woman who walks/bikes/metros at night.

For every person that makes me feel slightly uncomfortable there are at least 30 other people out walking around living life and making the city feel full of life and more safe.


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There are something like 20 different police forces in DC, and I think MPD is the one people complain about the most. I mostly hear about them not releasing body cam footage or not following up with people who have reported crimes


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Hmm oh ok. I guess I’ve never lived somewhere where it’s fine to just leave your belongings sitting out in the open? Maybe it is a good PSA.

The “crime is getting really out of control” is what sounded alarmist to me. This is common sense advice for DC and has been for a very long time, not a new development.


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This is a little bit alarmist? Maybe next time lock your belongings in your car and keep your keys with you instead of leaving your bag outside in a public place.

Edit: I’m saying “Crime is really getting out of control” is alarmist. And suggesting the police are responsible for watching your stuff while you play is a bit much


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I mean I think people do care about homicide deaths as much or more than biking deaths, but the policies to keep bikers alive (build protected bike lanes, require side guards on trucks so bikers and pedestrians get pushed out of the way, actual criminal consequences for truck drivers that kill people) are much clearer than how to decrease gun violence. Violence prevention is a much trickier issue to address while we already know how to protect bikers and pedestrians more effectively. Drivers just don’t like to drive a safe speed and be forced to share the road with other users or lose the taxpayer-sponsored parking spaces