outm t1_jectpng wrote

No. The problem is who would you define as “we” in “we just lock Russia”.

Internet is that: international network. Not a single country (or even a group of them) has complete control over it. So, even if the US (for example) tried to make their companies to comply a block to russian IPs and cut physically the cables to Russia, Russians could reach US targets and servers like almost nothing through other routes like Russia - China - US, or Russia - India - US or whatever, even using VPNs or TOR or other things

So no, in the Internet you can only (and somewhat not that perfectly) control the people that are “inside” a network you control (like China with the great firewall), but you can’t control others that are “outside” of your network


outm t1_iziroye wrote

Today, Vodafone is worth about 24£ billion

Interesting how in some years the world has changed so much: tech companies surged (even going some overrated in their worth in the stock listings in my opinion: Tesla, Apple, Google…); meanwhile, others have lost so much worth (telecoms for example)