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I can only cite sources that wouldn't give a definitive result. There simply aren't enough EV's in the US or Europe on the road to give comprehensive is one better than the other when it comes to manufactures in the US, but I never argued that. EV fires are less likely to happen than ice vehicles.

Manufacturer BYD, the leading electric vehicle manufacturer, is involved in the largest number of episodes.

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Tesla's actually have a lesser chance of exploding, American and European (Japan, AU, & NZ included) countries have very high standards compared to the rest of the world. The fact that it happens, even with higher standards, means that there is a tenfold chance that it will happen elsewhere. If the Kenyan justice system was stronger on big business, you wouldn't see this deal happening.

I will defend Tesla when it comes to things like this. Musk didn't create Tesla nor did he design anything for them, thousands of brilliant engineers created Tesla. I'm not saying or suggesting that you should buy a Tesla, because you shouldn't but only because Musk is the CEO and signs off on things that quite ready yet


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And not being sued into oblivion when some of them start blowing up.

Edit: People actually believe that no electric busses produced in 3rd world countries won't blow up (laughing in standards and regulations). Whether people like it or not, these busses will be more likely to catch fire than those produced in 1st-world countries. I have no doubt in my mind that this company knows this and it is factored into their business plan.


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Honestly, I think it's a cool concept, if we were more advanced in processing power (for cheap) this could work. Unfortunately for Zuck, his implementation sucks, we are at least a decade away from this being a major thing, that looks and feels normal.