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I want these.

Do you know what hole spacing and length you got? I measured with a ruler and the centers of the bolts installed right now are exactly 3 inches apart but the listing for my model ST1336DLE says 2.75".

I know some generic replacement skid shoes from Lowes fit so it's probably the same for most or all Ariens models.


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Ice is fine, that's what I do with my snowblower. Leave an inch or two of compacted snow and let it freeze. It doesn't make it any more difficult to drive in and I either use shoe spikes or there's enough snow left on the surface that it isn't slippery.

I put cat litter down around the area leading to my door if it gets really slippery so delivery drivers don't slip.


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I have had more problems with plow guys... nobody can do a gravel driveway without shearing off the top layer and leaving it in a pile at the end. I'd pay $100+ for every plowing if someone could come at the right time (after the snow stops) and do it carefully.

I fired 4 of them and ended up just buying a 36" snowblower so I can do it myself in about 2 hours, not counting all the shoveling.


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> said lane is NOT made for your staging/launch speed zone during heavy traffic.

Are you sure? I always thought that it was allowed to pull into a center lane to merge. It feels safer because it's a wide turn and I like to give my mirror a second check to make sure the right lane is still clear.


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Cardinal singing in the morning. I hear it every day in NH except during winter when they don't really sing. Although once I slammed a door at night and a cardinal must have woken up and belted out a few tunes in surprise, maybe he was dreaming about singing.