overlydelicioustea OP t1_jdch9oy wrote

imagine a specifically trained AI, trainign data is all the technical documanetation on this entire world that one can get its hands on. it knows every protocol, every standard, every syntax. it can distill the functionality of every product down to its core feature and emulate that, just by descriptions of what the software supposedly does. It can absorb these tools into itself, get rid of the clutter and be straight to the point. A holistic technical mind, no fatigue, no pause, no error. someday it may improve on these absorbed algorithms and invent entirely new ones since it, as the only entity so far, has an integrated understanding of the whole IT world (or - why stop there - the whole technical world, the whole scientifc world - rappidly taking about agi here...) and just knows whats possible becasue it has the entireity of computing mapped and linked as its state of mind permanently.

obviously im an amateur and enthusiast, optimist or just straight up lunatic, but man, it feels real what is coming.