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Does that make them undeserving of rehabilitation and reintroduction into society? There's surely a broader discussion to be had about conditions contributing to acts of crime besides the person arbitrarily choosing to do them, and whether prison is an actual deterrent to crime, but even if we assume all crimes are simply a matter of choice, does that make my first question less pertinent?


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I'd join it. I live in an apartment right now but I've been increasingly interested in sustainable food options since covid. I've done a little work helping a couple of the community gardens around Hartford and Waterbury build plant beds but that's kind of the limit to my experience.


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> “The intention was to target Sikhs and people who wear head gear,” said Khalsa. “After 9/11, we all know, terrorists attacked America. But how it was done through the media. They never said that Sikhs are not those people or that the Muslim community is not a bad community.”

Worth noting US media is no less guilty today of this kind of scare mongering.


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I literally did not, please reread the comment. But since you brought it up, the people i mentioned are all scare mongering about grooming to incite gay panic. I didn't specifically call them out for being on the right but point to someone on the left making the same claims and my accusations can be leveled at them just as well.


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"If we represent the oppressed then it's only fair we represent the oppressors too" is an absurd cop out. As a queer person i don't particularly care whether a a pride flag flies at town hall or not because it's a performative measure that makes no material difference and isn't an indicator of actual representation. But, if they claim the reason they won't fly it is because they're not capable of making informed decisions about any other flag going forward, then they're not competent representatives.

You're completely correct about all flags being political.