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If they have them, I’d suggest ikea. Might be safer to check their online catalog first to make sure, but my go to for quality and affordable kitchen and home supplies is ikea, if they don’t have it I just forfeit to the online shit lol


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I wouldn’t exactly call densifying and urbanizing “lack of comprehensive city planning”…if the casualty of this is a more transit- and pedestrian-friendly area, then so be it. You simply can’t live in a city and expect everything to be accessible by car; it’s a give and take


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Even conservative nimby people in the suburbs take septa in with their families, my dad is the worst kind of trumpy and he comes from an area that never has nor will ever see a transit system or even Amtrak/greyhound service, but even he always would take my siblings and me into the city via septa instead of driving, while we were very young I might add. If snotty suburban people can take their kids on the train, families in the city certainly can.


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I tried to start leaving my car at my moms house 20 miles away in the suburbs, and honestly it’s been working great. Luckily I don’t have a job that requires one at the moment (but there’s a chance I do end up getting such a job in the near future so it may change) but living in fishtown and only using septa and sidewalks has been going well thus far.

It would definitely nice to densify business around the neighborhood a little more, it would be nice to not have to either walk 7 blocks or take a 2 minute $2 bus ride every time I had to get groceries or go to a drug store; otherwise I can’t complain and I implore other car owners/users in fishtown to try this if you have the means. You may find it pays off well 🤷‍♂️


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Not to be that guy, but literally the entire 95 corridor within pa is covered by septa routing, whether the Amtrak line (which carries two septa rail lines) that follows 95, or the plenty of city and suburban bus lines that roughly run along 95(/295) all the way from claymont to Trenton (and then dart Delaware and nj transit continue along said 95 corridor from there)

You most likely could take septa to work, it just might take a little longer


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From a technical standpoint, I somewhat find your comment ironic, in that the “realistic” part you mentioned is one of the less realistic things you mentioned lol

4 tracks is actually possible in south, if I’m not mistaken they considered it in planning stages and I believe there would be room to expand, especially in the portions between snyder and pattison (pattison is literally a 4 track station, only issue is that the 2 & 3 tracks have a narrow platform that would be a major liability with hoards of drunk eagles fans being herded on and off trains)

Cecil on the other hand would be a bit more difficult to pull off, as it was built as a local station, and thus it (and the entire portion of line between girard and Susquehanna) would need a complete rebuild and realignment, potentially even building demolitions to make way for the wider space needed to support an express station. The only way it might work would be to route all trains to and from the 1 & 4 tracks via the nearest switches to the north and south of cecil, and if I’m not mistaken this would also have to make Susquehanna a stop for expresses too. And this idea would inevitably lead to bottlenecking in both directions, so I think temple will just have to deal with being a local stop lol


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Having worked with the fare payment hardware in an internship 5 years ago (when the current equipment was brand new), I can tell you that all of the gates have failsafes for this exact reason. They could easily put the full height vertical turnstiles into all stations, whenever there’s any emergency they all relax and allow free flow through. In the event of a power outage, or a fire alarm activation, this mode is triggered. And anyone can pull the fire alarm should a violent situation occur