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Thanks for calling Quacko Insurance, how can I help you?

Yeah, my car was crushed by ice.

Crushed by ice? Where did it come from?

The ocean.

The ocean?

Yeah. Well, it went over the bridge.

Over the bridge? Your car went off the bridge and hit ice in the ocean?

No, the ice went over the bridge and hit my car.

So you're telling me the ice jumped out of the ocean up onto the bridge and hit your car? Have you been drinking?


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So here's something to think about. I used to live in a house with Versant power in my dad's name. I then moved to a place with CMP power. My parents still owned the place with Versant, though, so to help them out I kept paying the power bill there, but left it in my dad's name. So now I'm at a house in CMP's service area, paying a bill for Versant. And I'm getting flyers that are in my dad's name saying "Versant customer". The ONLY way they could have gotten that info is if Versant themselves sold it to them.


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If she's working remote, make sure you consider/research internet options before you move. IMO spectrum 100Mb should be a minimum requirement for video conferencing. DSL is not fast enough in most areas, and I wouldn't count on Starlink being around in 5 years.


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Stop wasting your money on 93 octane. Higher octane rating fuels exist to prevent detonation (fuel igniting before the spark plug fires) in high compression/forced induction engines. Small engines are neither. Some cars can adjust their ignition timing to compensate for power octane and take advantage of higher octane. Small engines cannot. There is no benefit, at all, to running high octane fuel in any small engine.

I also don't buy true fuel, I suspect it's no better than pump gas + stabil.

I worked for several years as a small engine mechanic. I had fully intended to check/clean the carb before running it, but in the craziness of Christmas Eve, didn't get a chance to, so rolled the dice. He got his power back Christmas day, so I never went out to his house to fix it. I'm seriously debating filling the carb with motor oil, to protect it from corrosion and not have to worry about it.


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I live a bit outside the city, but have an older 7000w generator. I didn't lose power, but my brother did. I lent him my generator, and turns out it has issues, because it hasn't been run since I got it a couple years ago.

EDIT: before anyone says it, it was completely drained of gas (tank emptied, float bowl removed and dumped) before storage.


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I called TC Hafford about some cracks in my basement around the bilco/rollway before I bought my house. I expected to be getting an estimate and trying to decipher if it was really necessary or not. Instead, Stacy told me not to worry about it, that basically they all do that, and it wasn't bad enough to be an issue. Was definitely happy with the experience, and 4 years later still no issues, they're just a little unsightly.


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Some "waterproof" laminate flooring is only waterproof from the top. If the water gets under it, it's some kind of wood based material underneath and will get wet and ruined. Not a bad idea, just spring for the stuff that's completely pvc.

Plus, as someone who was a kid once, laminate>carpet>linoleum when it comes to matchbox cars, Legos, etc.


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The more I read those articles, the more I think they're designed to stir up discontent. They're peppered with inaccuracies and bad legal takes that make Maine and the US look worse, and completely disregard the RCMP's failings and his acquisition of RCMP uniforms and 4! clones of RCMP cars, at least one of which was so accurate that multiple RCMP officers mistook him for a fellow officer.

I'm not saying the guy did nothing wrong, but you seem to want him crucified and the whole Maine legal system overturned over what was a small part of a much larger crime.


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That statute is dealing with guns being transferred for the purpose of being used in a crime, not gun transfers in general. Besides, what do you think exporting is?