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I mean, by definition it's "fake". There is no way to calculate or measure ETA of doomsday, if you could even define it adequately (which I suspect you cannot).


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I've found that nicotine patches provide a kind of topical anti-inflammatory function. I use them on my knee when it gets sore and it works like a charm.

Is there any evidence that would support this concept?


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Very few use cases. Authorities are useful, and trust is required for business interop regardless. Just because info hits the blockchain, that doesn't mean it's accurate.

So much of the promise here was sold by charlatans exploiting people's lack of knowledge re: crypto and the fact that people don't like to look stupid, so they pretend to understand and perpetuate the cycle of stupidity.


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Reply to comment by UniversalMomentum in Electric car design by carbon8id

Yeah... it's not like having a crumple zone, longer wheelbase, and additional storage is a downside, and aerodynamically I'm guessing it's also a plus. No reason to get rid of the front, and plenty of benefits.


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Head start is good for when both parents and grandparents are unavailable to care for the child. In that case it's been shown to provide better outcomes.

But... if there's an opportunity for a parent or other family caregiver to be around, studies have shown that head start provides worse outcomes long term.

Just wanted you to be aware OP. Others here are answering your main question pretty well...