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Reply to The Mercutio by etanisaqt

Once you go 40% and get a layout working for you, you'll never go back.

Try putting the numbers on a layer under home row, F-keys on the bottom row and the shifted symbols on QWERTY. It works well once you get used to it! Even better if you use one of the spacebars as an FN key to toggle that layer.

Great job with the build BTW! I'd love to build one of these if only it had a few more keys on the right side like my MiniVan.


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As someone who also went down the same path with the exact same Filco but a TKL, you'll find it considerably more comfortable typing on a smaller keyboard once you adjust to the layout.

I much prefer the new accented colors Fujitsu provides than the older and darker red/blue combo.

Enjoy being one with cup rubber!


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That's a nice looking build you got there!

Great job with the cable too. Is that a LEMO or different connector?

Also because I'm into watches, what's that next to the cable?


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Reply to Cypher by mi9ol

Love the optical illusion from the deskmat.

Ideally I'd prefer three modifiers but understand the aesthetic choice here.


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Having two SPACEBARS helps so if I'm doing a lot of sustained typing I'll use the non-Mod-Tap one instead. I did spend a lot of time tweaking the tapping term to suit my typing habits though and have since adjusted to the keyboard.

I should also mention I had less of a problem with the delay after moving to linears from super tactile switches before.

Hope that helps!


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They’re no longer made unfortunately but I think KBDFans has similar sets in “NP” profile and there are probably similar sets on AliExpress.

Here is the original product listing from 1upkeyboards if you want to see what’s included.

The set isn’t an Ortho set just FYI. I just used the alphas and extra mods to fill out the board since I don’t have any other sets that have two 2u keycaps for my spacebars.


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Tap-Mod means it’s SPACEBAR when tapped, but if held down it’s a modifier key instead—in this case it’s a momentary layer toggle or “FN” key to access a specific layer.

I have a dedicated layer where the F-keys, numbers and shifted symbols are. I access it by holding down the RIGHT SPACEBAR.

The reason I don’t have Tap-Mod on the LEFT SPACEBAR is because when playing games Tap-Mod is no good when you need to press SPACEBAR repeatedly.