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Do you want this sub to become /r/boston? Because that’s how you get /r/boston. Guaranteed you will see the maga types back in here “just asking questions” about trans kids or the crime rate. The brigading and dogwhistling will return. Enjoy your astroturfed garbage.


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My driving instructor drilled into my head that any time you are turning left, you are the "scum of the earth" lol. You wait for oncoming traffic and then go unless you have green arrow.


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Good point, thanks. I don't plan on any heirs but I am watching my family dealing with the fallout of my grandparents' estate. Seems like a massive burden to leave them all with even if it is equity they can use. It's still unclear to me whether it's worth it to me personally.


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Cops don't prevent crime. Plenty of studies have proven that. The only thing that actually reduces crime is reducing poverty and making something other than the dumb fucking societal choices we keep making that probably lead to that kid trying to take your shit.


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>The five stages of grief are ingrained in our cultural consciousness as the natural progression of emotions one experiences after the death of a loved one. However, it turns out that this model is not science-based, does not well describe most people's experiences, and was never even meant to apply to the bereaved.

Just pointing this out to help dispel the myth and because I have a personal vendetta against pop psychology and self-help.