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I feel like it’s just one or two dickheads from Jersey. I looked up one of the websites and it’s insanely rinky-dink.

It’s one photo of five guys next to a flag, then all stock photos. They have a tab labeled “stickers and flyers” and it’s literally one jpeg of a sheet of different designs all spliced together, and they say something like “feel free to print these out!” Like they won’t even send you a fucking sticker, you gotta make it yourself haha.

And to your point about a false flag, idk about that, but the whole website is desperately steering you towards their contact form, where you need to give a lot of personal info. Not sure what type of white supremacist organization would ask for a full name and multiple ways of contact, so that’s a bit suspicious.

So it could be a honeypot, a false flag, or genuine fucking idiots, but either way, it doesn’t deserve an inquirer article because if somehow this really is legit, this is the exact type of attention they’re looking for.


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That's a bummer. My friends like their seltzers so we were thinking of checking it out sometime, but it looked pretty expensive.

I'm looking at the menu now, and yeah they're offering $7 seltzers in a 12 oz can. Just the same shit you can pick up at the store. They have two on draft, but it's the same price and seems like a 12 oz draft as well. Their cocktails, beer, and food are all pretty pricey as well.

Their "special" is a burger and fries and a seltzer for $22. How the fuck is that a deal?


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Yeah I was raised the same way and would object every time my friend would bring this up. My argument against it was “this is obviously morally wrong, don’t take shit that isn’t yours, also you’re gonna get caught” and her argument was basically “no it isn’t, they’re mean and deserve it, and I’ll never get caught.”

I never thought she’d fuck over her other coworkers, but I guess that’s yet another reason not to do this shit.


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There's a good chance the owners are making this up, but for what it's worth, my once good friend almost got in a lot of trouble over doing something similar, and coincidentally just as other employees were talking to union organizers.

The owners were complete dicks, constantly absent from the store but then always nitpicky whenever they were in. Not to give away which store this was, but it was a swanky, artsy book/gift store, and a pretty big one. These people were just not fit to be owners, and it was a pretty big place with very little oversight. She started just cancelling out cash sales on the register and pocketing it. I told her how that could get very obvious over time, but she said that there's no chance of getting caught since the owners are never there.

She actually got caught because she wasn't the only person doing it. Turns out, another girl was doing that as well, and much more frequently, and also on the same register. It was to the point where the cash and credit sales were way different on that particular register compared to the other ones, and it was like that almost every day. So the owners installed a camera without telling them and caught both of them doing it. Union talks fizzled out because of these idiots, and the owners didn't press charges because they only had evidence of them stealing a pretty small amount (instead of letting them steal larger and larger amounts, they just fired them).

She justified doing this shit because all the other employees hated these owners too. They really were getting the ball rolling on unionization, but as far as I know, that definitely fizzled out. The place has been closed since covid anyway so it wouldn't have done much good. Moral of the story, don't do anything illegal if you're trying to unionize because you'll fuck over your fellow workers.


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Yeah I think the only real fuck up was not pausing the show. I hate the idea of placing "show vibes" over someone's life.

What's the bigger disappointment? Attending a show that got randomly paused for 2 minutes, or coming home after a great time at a show and learning that someone fucking died a few yards away from me and nobody bothered to help them?


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>representatives of the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape tribe performed a ritualistic blessing on the land, which was originally occupied by their ancestors.

This stuff is so funny to me because if they truly gave a shit, they’d actually give the land back. But instead they just pay for a couple of these guys to come out and do a little performance so they can look socially progressive.

Not saying that they should give the land back or that ancestral rights actually mean anything, but if they think that, then there’s really no other solution than to just give the land back.


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It’s not talk. It really is a lot worse.

That being said, BSL is mostly okay when you’re riding during peak hours. Buses always seem to reflect the areas where you’re taking them, and since most areas in Philly are a lot worse, the buses are worse as well, but if you’re just taking one from center city to fairmount or something then you’re fine.

The El is unusable, no matter how crowded it is. Avoid at all costs. It was never good, but it’s a complete embarrassment nowadays.