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Hence the "quotes" around "ski lodge."

It was a themed photo shoot (like for a theme party), apparently the theme was "ski lodge."

I know for a fact my Mom never saw a ski lodge anywhere, ever, having lived in the South her entire life, and the only skiing my Dad ever did was when he was being pulled behind our boat on his water skis. Now, Dad did spend some time in Taos, so he probably at least had SEEN a ski lodge in some form or another.


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My mom was born in 1949 and adopted by my grandparents ~2 weeks thereafter. This photo dates from the later part of the 1950s as best as I can tell, based on dated pictures of my Mom. Her dad was a WWII vet, aviator, and lineman for both electric & phone companies before opening a body shop; he also helped build the first 4 houses on their block after the land owner parceled out his land into plots to build on, and did all of their electrical, plumbing and heating; both my grandparents lived in the same house that he built until they passed away in 1986 and 2003.

Grandpa was born in 1915 and Grandma in 1916.


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She married a gentleman who she actually met on campus because he dad's roommate. His name was John. They had three kids (that I know of) - Janna, Dylan, and David, if I remember their names correctly.

My mom's roommate actually met and married her husband on campus as well. His name was .. John. They had two kids who both joined the Air Force.

My mom married my dad, who she met on campus...his name was not John. My mom and dad met because of their respective roommates hooking up...

Life is indeed strange, like the Moody Blues sang.