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You’re a moron. There’s no porn in school libraries. It’s just the unique way you idiots define “porn” to mean anything that isn’t about heterosexual relationships.

Throw me some names of books in the school libraries that are “porn” and I’ll wait for you while you come up with nothing.


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Typical extreme right wing tactics. They have to remove books like this, because educating children goes against everything they believe in.

They need an uneducated population to continue the insane path they are on.


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See you’re just completely lumping in Boston/Cambridge with the entire state. Most of MA is rural. So you don’t like city people - fine. I assume you also hate Manchester. But it doesn’t mean everyone is so different. Many of the people who live in Boston these days aren’t from MA either. So you just don’t like cities. That’s it. That’s your whole problem.


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I mean I live in this state. I know NH very well. I spent every summer here before I moved. I don’t know why people have to be so judgmental of people who move here. It’s good for the state. The alternative is a retirement community with mountains.


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I’m not saying to post things about other states. But to consistently hate the people who moved here from MA, who are literally keeping the state alive with their spending as the rest of the state dies off, is lame.


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People aren’t moving here to change the state. They aren’t moving here to make NH “woke”. They aren’t moving here because they want to take yer jobs or any other argument.

People are moving here from MA because housing is cheaper.

Lots of people (like me) got remote jobs and moved to NH because we could afford the home our family needed in NH, we didn’t have to pay income tax as remote workers or owned a small business (also me), and it’s also beautiful country and a lot of us from MA (also me) spent many summers in NH and loved it.