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When I was young I wanted to bend the world to my will. As I grew I realized it wouldn’t bend, I then wanted to burn it to the ground and start fresh. I’m too old to guide it now even if it was given to me. Now I just want a comfortable chair next to a warm fire and an old friend to reminisce about our follies.


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I remember the challenger exploding. The excitement as the teacher rolled the tv cart into the room, then another class came in and sat on the floor and then another after them. Nearly 100 kids in one room so we could all watch the first teacher go into space. The hurried walk to turn off the set as questions like “why were there two trails?” began to be whispered. No one has faces anymore though. You’ll forget whatever you think is unnecessary and remember whatever you think is important.


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Morlocks are the eventuality. AI will make the rich insanely rich but manual labor will still be needed. Society’s advancement will create a paradise for those at the top and a fiendish hellscape for those at the bottom. UBI will be the food and housing needed not to die but it won’t be enough to live on, the rich won’t allow a system like that to exist long enough to take root.