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I'm always trying to explain to people that every kind of parasite is important and is fulfilling an ecological niche and wasn't just put on earth to make life harder. I mean, ticks, fleas, and mosquitos suck but they're important!

Mushrooms are one of my special interests and I see that a lot when talking to people who don't know much about them. Granted some mushrooms do attack trees but even that is important, fallen trees and snags provide important habitat to so many other species and recycle nutrients back into the forest.

It is awesome to learn we have a type of mistletoe in these parts though, I'll have to keep an eye out for it so I can get a closer look.


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Yes! I grew up outside and my family has always been outdoorspeople so I've gotten to see a lot of different habitats in WA and learn about them. I wish that I wasn't terrified of climbing things so I could go up there and see them (of course that would damage the moss and plants anyways so it's for the best)