patrickivan t1_iy3mh6s wrote

The important thing is that the Loblaw's group has been making crazy profits during and post covid.

Despite the alleged "razor" thin food profit margins. Apparently most of their profits are from anything non-food related.

Naturally those profits translate to better wages, and price savings for consumers, better returns for all related stakeholders (stocks, exec bonuses, ceo wages).

It's all about trickle up economics. And more importantly, about getting to use as little lube as possible before bending over, baby.

Obviously this has a lot to do with fuel prices. But ALL of it has to do with our free market based on competition keeping prices as high as possible. Since only a few very large entities own the majority of everything we buy, competition is gone. There is none anymore.

It's literally become how much we can be taken for, and not one cent (what the fuck is a cent?) less.