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I can’t win here. I have received at least 10 comments from people to stop posting because everyone thinks I’m using it for my publicity. Then if I’m more quiet, I get more comments like yours. It doesn’t matter what I do, everyone that’s upset with me will find a reason to fault me again, and again, and again.

What’s important here is i did right by the family. They accepted my apology, and I have offers my support to them letting them and their lawyer know that I will be there for them for anything they need.

I don’t expect you to understand not being in my shoes. But I’m doing what I can for the family, whether you see it or not


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I’ve said my piece all over the internet. Those that still continue to send negative comments, bash, etc. I totally understand. I accept responsibility for my actions, and understand there are consequences. If my restaurant suffers from it, or whether I keep getting hate comments, etc. I understand, those are the consequences.

2 things I will say, and I will just leave it at that and hope we can all move on from this.

  1. Please keep my family out of it. Wishing death upon my kids is crossing the line. I get wanting me to suffer, or my business to suffer, but kids are innocent, let’s leave them out of it. (No, no one from Reddit. But FB has had a couple)

  2. No matter how much negativity or shade is thrown my way, it will not change who I am or what I do. I will continue to do good by our community. I will pray and wish everyday that most can find it in their hearts to one day forgive me. Those that gave me a chance to make it right and were able to forgive me, I appreciate you. I’m sorry if I made anyone doubt my intentions, and I promise you my heart is and always will be in the right place.


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I understand 100% trust me. I totally get it. I am 100% going to make it right. We’re actually close to the end. Just waiting on final confirmation where/when to meet for me to deliver the check. And if they’re willing to meet in person, so I can give my formal much needed sincere apologizes in person.


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I’m 100% in the wrong. I just wish the primary focus on shaming me would be for my lack of responsibility. I hate that most people think I used their tragedy for personal gain. Everyone claims me to be a marketing genius. If I were to exploit my marketing capabilities, I would have gone even further with it, post about it even more, and make attempts to capture more images of video footage after the campaigns done. I simply acted out of emotion as a father myself. I added extra to my plate when I shouldn’t have. And I simply forgot as the timing was directly in line with me deciding if I needed to start figuring out bankruptcy or not. It was stressful times for me, and I lost track of so many things. I honestly forgot, and kept procrastinating when I would remember here and there. Everyone’s asking why 7-8 months for contact. It’s really 2-3 months. Once I got a letter from attorney, I’m pretty sure it’s common knowledge that both parties don’t talk, and attorneys handle it. And I’ve said my piece on my contact with their attorney.

Anyways, you’re right. This is the potential downside, but I accept responsibility and the circumstances that came with it. When I mess up, it’s going to blow up. But that’s fine. I still have done so much good for the community using my platform, and I will continue to do so. I have a passion for helping others, and I will just continue to improve on doing it better. I will not repeat this mistake again.

Side note if anyone cares, I have gotten in touch with attorney and will be delivering funds soon.


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I am not suing. I would never do that to the family. KY3 maybe, but no I am not suing KY3. Just saying, I wouldn’t hesitate to if I felt justified.

I am suing nobody. I just want an attorney mostly to advise me on how to handle everything properly, and on standby if things got ugly.

Make this public record, I have not hired an attorney. And I don’t have plans to at this time. I asked for referrals to have numbers ready, should I need one.


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That “man” is me.

I will wait and let the story air first and hope that KY3 shares the full story and puts in every detail that matters.

The long story short, I messed up, I take responsibility for it. There was nothing but good intentions behind it. The truth is I was irresponsible and procrastinated. The restaurant was only able to raise $39 in funding, and then we promised to donate 5% of sales on top of that.

I had so much going on at the time that I kept procrastinating getting the numbers done and reaching out to the family. They never reached out to me either. Next thing I know, they got an attorney involved a couple months later. The attorney and I played phone tag for a couple weeks. And I made several efforts to try and reach him, but he made minimal effort to get in touch with me. I left my email and asked to set a date for a meeting, he never emailed. So I put the case aside and would resume the moment they reached me, but they never did so it just got forgotten about again.

Fast forward a few months, KY3 emails me and says they’re doing a story. Now we’re here.

It was an honest mistake that I took so long to reach out. I just wished they would had contacted me first. They made zero attempt. There was nothing but good intention behind this. I am still wanting to make this right, and I’m waiting for an email back from their attorney to tell me what they want me to do with the funding. But since they got legal involved, that’s why I’m no longer reaching out to them personally. It will be me and their lawyers, or my lawyers and their lawyers.

Story airs Monday at 10pm. I’ll answer simple/small questions, but I’d like to remain mostly silent until the story airs.


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I absolutely love this comment. I want to screenshot it so I remember this forever lol. Comments like this really keep me going. Do you mind if I buy your next curry with us? Please DM me. And please don’t feel bad to take the offer either. You’re doing me a favor by accepting it, because it really motivates me to work harder. I appreciate you!


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It’s 100% possible she tweaked them. And if she tweaked it for the better, that’s awesome. I seriously wish the best for them, and I think it’s cool if they can make a good product even better. I don’t know what you heard, but we definitely parted ways on good terms. Her husband, I forgot his name, used to babysit me. We connected because he played Magic Online, a card game I used to play. Its possible they were just being professional, and weren’t truly happy with the transaction. But we did not “take them out of business” and we did everything in our power to help a smooth transition.


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Fact check:

  1. My mom (sole owner) sold the restaurant to a lady that worked for us, and her husband. Not my dad, he has never had a single percentage of equity in the restaurant. Thai House or Thai Express. It’s important to note because my mom died of stress from the restaurant, she deserves the credit and recognition of what she built. She employed my dad out of generosity, but I’d like to leave it at that. Personal family matters.

  2. We did not put them out of business. It was not what they expected it to be, too stressful and they wanted out. So Nipa Thai bought them out and came in. They went out of business, and I’m quite confident it had nothing to do with us.

The lady that bought out Thai House was very close to my mom, and my mom definitely told her she was going to open a more budget friendly thai restaurant across town. She knew this, and was ok with this.

And here’s a fun fact:

My mom worked for her for free for a few months to help make sure she was ok. She made sure transition was smooth, and did everything we could to keep the business booming. But the new owner just wanted out.

Last fun fact. Original owner of Rama Thai is the same lady that bought Thai House and is still using the majority of recipes. The Thai House purchase overall I’d say was a good purchase for her 🙂


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Hello! I apologize if it appears that way. I can give you 100% the true thoughts behind this post. There are really only 2 points.

  1. My staff and I were extremely exhausted. And the best way to cope with the stress of this much volume is to since, dance, jokes, and laughs. We joked about how we feel like whataburger right now. So we came up with the idea to make a post of that meme “hold my beer” and voila. We posted this.

  2. Just trying to be funny for my customers. It’s basically a marketing stunt, to get engaged with our customers. We really appreciate community building, and so I found this to be a perfect opportunity to connect and share something we thought was funny.

Does it receive attention? Yes. That’s the goal. But it’s not meant to be with bad intention, certainly not meant to be the center of attention type vibe.

Hope that clears it’s up and maybe change your opinion! ☺️


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I used to beatbox in my younger days. One of my old best friends that I played video games with is a WELL KNOWN beat boxer, it blows my mind to this day how big he is. His name is Kenny Urban. We use to jam out with a guy named Smvy as well as Roxorloops on ventrilo all the time. I’m not very good anymore tho, I’d need a beer or 2 to beatbox in front of anyone again 😅


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To anyone that thinks “I don’t want to give money to employers forcing their employees to work”

I represent Thai Express. We don’t force our employees to work. We give them the option to work and make more money. We provide bonuses and we all know very well that tips are much higher on holidays. If we have enough interest, we open. If not, we close.

Please don’t assume all businesses force their employees to do anything. That mentality hurts businesses that aren’t doing anything like that at all.