pauelena t1_j9ojzab wrote

Erdogan isn't like Trump or Bolsonaro. Unlike them, the vast majority of the country's population supports him. Barring another major earthquake that kills hundreds of thousands, he will easily win the elections.

In fact, tragedies like this one make the voters rally behind what they perceive to be a strong leader. His potential opponents are extremely weak in that aspect.


pauelena t1_j9o8pmk wrote

Mid 2022 is nearly a year ago! The Ukrainian grain deal and the recent earthquakes cemented his image as a powerful statesman.

Putin and Erdogan should never be underestimated! No matter what they do or say, no matter how suicidal their policies might be, they are practically worshipped by the vast majority of their population. Talk to the average Turk in Germany and you'd think Erdoğan is some kind of demigod.

The opposition lacks a credible leader that could pose a realistic threat to Erdoğan's re-election.