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For sure this guy Russell E. Oakes, an amateur American inventor, he invented spikes on his arms to enable him to push his way through a busy department store, a wind-up spaghetti fork and an automated hat that used a leaf to fan the wearer, Along with a million other failures, but he always kept trying.


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How dare they move to a neighborhood they can afford and attempt to be polite and accepting of their new neighbors, especially with the color skin they have.

New York is so easy to afford, they could live anywhere they want, and then to not even be able to explain the actions of the millions of other people that look like them?! Disgusting!


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I can understand when people choose not to support particular individuals or businesses by refusing to contribute to them financially. It’s effective, sends a message, and is their right as a consumer. However, in cases like your example, there is nothing left to achieve, your support, or lack there of, is insignificant. If someone is able to gain some enjoyment out of the collective work of hundreds of people, at least it’s a silver lining.


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The person he was based on, William Poole, was buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn, I don’t exactly know why, but they did have boats, so maybe it wasn’t that inconvenient, but I would like to know too.

Edit: from an article I found

“Bill The Butcher Poole had one of the largest funerals ever seen in the city of New York City, with thousands of mourners following the casket from Christopher Street to the Battery where a ferry took the remains to Green-Wood Cemetery. It was reported that so many people stood on the roofs of buildings to watch the procession that one house collapsed under the weight killing four people. John Morrissey organized an array of Five Points thugs including the “Original Hounds” Engine Number 36 and a gang called the Short Boys to throw rocks and bricks at the mourners.”


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Audiences either buy in to the universe, suspend their disbelief and enjoy it for what it is, or they don’t and it gets increasingly more ridiculous, confusing and ultimately boring.

I can understand doing either and felt on the fence the whole time.