pavoid OP t1_j6efkxe wrote

RCA Command 5670 NOS was recommended to me. Another user told me they got the tube “holographic” quality they had been searching for when they tried that tube with the V2++. I have one of the RCA Command tubes and I’ll try it out when/if I ever get a V2++


pavoid OP t1_j6ecoa8 wrote

The M+ sounds great and neutral, the MP sounds distinct. I prefer the MP sound because it is enjoyable to my ears. If you want just straight up as is or neutral sound, you might enjoy M+ more. They both sound great with the HD600 imo.


pavoid OP t1_j6a3bwl wrote

I initially purchased and fell in love with the HD600 based off browsing here in this sub. The first amp recommended for me to pair with it was the Magni Piety, but I had already missed the launch, and eBay sellers are greedy as all get out. So I purchased a Magni+ and had been happy using that with my HD600. Now as of today I received my first stand-alone dac in the MMB2, and I also had delivered today a Magni Piety I purchased at an incredibly fair price from an incredibly kind fellow headphone hobbyist. This is my Happy-And-Content game. Someday I want a Vali 2++ to try a couple of tubes out, but I don’t want to go past that. This hobby easily turns into chasing down the next thing…I’m content and thankful.