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Also, for something a bit different - Pausa Caffe in Norwalk is an incredibly authentic Italian cafe. It’s a bit tight currently but rumor has it they are expanding next door. The best espresso in the State IMO. And the pastries are so authentic they immediately bring me back to being a child getting a cornetto in the piazza bar while visiting my family in Italy.


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Well, you’re kind of missing the point then. The message she delivers in her video is that there needs to be change in the way of legislation. It’s time to stop empathizing (read- sending thoughts and prayers) with how it must feel to have lived through this or lived through it twice and start listening, conversing and debating on how legislation is the only real way to make any impactful change to something that everyone and their mother knows is only an issue here in this country.

Kudos to this young adult to have the strength to send a message during a time that is no doubt incredibly painful for her.