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What the hell hahaha, Ramen and Kimchi?

How did I not see that bit?

Edit - had to keep clicking parent comment, apologies poster, I think I had clicked into a specific reply when scrolling. Turns out you didn’t have to scroll that far for certain perspective. I would def agree with your comment, my bad.


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No I suppose I’m not being clear. I just had a concept of crime concentration. Oklahoma City might be more spaced out than New York, inadvertently driving down crime, but your stats would suggest the opposite.

Apparently OKC is 2.1 times larger than New York. I was curious to see if NYC/OKC had a way to show concentrations of murder and other violent crime as well. Thanks for talking through it, sorry to aggravate.


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No. We see it constantly on this sub and irl. Someone has to say something.

There was all this talk about the necessity of a free press and the importance to a functioning democracy. Meanwhile their Reddit account is posting puff pieces about penguins and train riders on one of the most trafficked sites on the internet.

I can deal with a fool like Elon boosting his own tweets and doing whatever on his own platform, but the idea that the sanctimonious class can’t even acknowledge the problems of the city or society and then turn around and say there’s no need for consternation, that’s too much my boy.


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At this point, who cares? In case anyone sees this, this is the official NYT Reddit account(OP).

There are bigger problems in the city than people doing this.

Cover the migrant crisis, Rikers, policing, the rampant corruption, the MTA, or more topical, the Ohio crisis and what that represents for people here in NY.

We can literally see your post history on Reddit.

You continue to underserved the public and the people that need you the most. Do better NYT.


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Gonna share some perspective here - as someone who moved from a southern state to NY, you guys are getting a taste of the problem. If you want to sort it out, accept that the rhetoric, the talk, is just talk. Either co-sign a means to solve the border issue, or accept that this talk of being a sanctuary city means you have to finally carry your weight.

I love how diverse where I came from and where I am both are, but the adults in the room need to acknowledge that there are no means on hand to house and care for the thousands of migrants coming every day. If you’re one to disagree, opt in to the solution on a moral and personal level. Donate, volunteer, and open up your homes.

It’s a legitimate crisis and the echo chamber people here in NYC live in is utterly unproductive. You’re getting a taste of the problem and you see on this sub how quickly the rhetoric is changing. I’m all for taxing people their fair share, but what about electing to solve the actual problem? We can quibble over nomenclature some other time, but until people here acknowledge that they’re driving the problem, those buses will keep coming. There’s no moral outrage that’s justified when someone asks a migrant if they want a bus ticket to New York and they say yes.

You guys created this part of the crisis, it’s time to walk the walk. Figure it out.


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Colloquially, it is what I think of when the word “blighted” is used. There are whole blocks running north from Hudson Yards that are just skid row and downright dangerous.

I will say I don’t know if the legal classification and demolition are the only solution but I’m not opposed to it either.

I work in Hudson Yards and walk around the area during the weekends. It is an eye sore, unproductive, and certainly needs work.