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I was wondering about this ever since I borrowed a herd of goats during a couple of weeks last summer. I was told all the goats were going to follow the lead goats. Instead, there were at least two main lead goats (older females) taking turns and mostly general anarchy with different animals taking decisions.

A lot of older assumptions science has about hierarchy and leadership in animal groups is probably going to change as we ourselves learn to organize without excessive hierarchy.


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Or you could just admit that you are not the only intelligent species on the planet. Worst: you aren't even close to most intelligent, because all you managed to do is wreck the planet you live on. Instead of improving your surroundings, you destroy them, and then destroy some more because you have to go on holiday to escape from the ugly place you have created.

And then you have to nitpick the use of words because you just cannot come to terms with the obvious.

It's insane.