pebkacerrorspersist t1_jdnmaj9 wrote

But when I bring up the fact that so much focus has been put on Girls succeeding and excelling in all areas, and are now WAY beyond the boys in the US in every measurable metrics and that our boys are being left behind and deprioritized, and that is having a SERIOUSLY detrimental effect on our boys mental health and potential future outcomes - I'm called a misogynist.

It's a conversation we're not allowed to have and until we acknowledge that and we correct the lurch and start focusing on building up young men again...this is the world we have.

EDIT: The Downvote brigade has arrived. Until we start raising our boys up to the level of our girls in importance, focus, and funding - You will get more disillusioned, lost, mentally ill YOUNG ADULT MALE shooters. As the problems get worse, the catastrophe that follows will scale up as well, both in frequency and in volume.

I have a daughter, no sons. I realize this is a hard conversation, and goes against every piece of societal programming that has been indoctrinated in you - but rip the band-aid off.