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Do you really think everyone locked in there was complicit with the idea of starting a fire in a locked cell? Also the guards that willfully walked away without unlocking the door after seeing the fire are who I blame for avoidable deaths. There's blame to go for those who actually planned and lit the fire, but those guards are guilty too. People fleeing horrors in desperation don't deserve to mocked or a death sentence.


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> The new murder charge moves the case to Brockton Superior Court, where he will be arraigned at a later date, prosecutors said. The district attorney’s office did not explain why Rein was charged with murder.

Huh. Wonder if they collected evidence like texts or a recorded conversation where he admitted to wanting to ram the store with his car but not wanting to kill anyone. 2nd degree is risky without some evidence to that effect.


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Iran has attacked us soldiers and interests a shit ton outside the US, they rely heavily on proxy wars to get their displeasure with us across as well. Anyone who thinks Iran has never attacked the US hasn't been paying attention. Mostly they are pissed at our efforts to keep them from developing and setting lose in terror circles nuclear arms. We cripple them with sanctions to punish their efforts on that front and in their military support and strikes against our own bases, soldiers, and those of our allies and interests.


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The US relaxed it’s gag orders in 2014, and there’s a process for requiring that data that leaves a paper trail, which can be studied by courts. It’s also from the US, and not by a competitor nation known to steal intellectual property, a nation state that you can’t touch with information requests about what data or investigations they have on you at all. Am I thrilled what the US has done and presumably will do? Definitely not, but there is a huge difference between the interests and problems between which nation gets data on which citizens.


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Here’s the closest areas to the epicenter according to USGS

Jurm, Badakhshan, Afghanistan 40.2 km (25 mi) NNWPopulation: 12106

Ashkāsham, Badakhshan, Afghanistan 52.6 km (32.7 mi) ENEPopulation: 12120

Ishqoshim, Gorno-Badakhshan, Tajikistan 60.9 km (37.9 mi) ENEPopulation: 26000

Fayzabad, Badakhshan, Afghanistan 75 km (46.6 mi) NNWPopulation: 44421

Farkhār, Takhar, Afghanistan 100.3 km (62.3 mi) WPopulation: 10480


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I’d still prefer to know what the experts are saying and ignore redditers, as at least when Cramer says to invest in something I know it’s days away from collapse. Who knows with some weirdo telling me how to invest and then going to make memes where his gerbils are dressed as Spider-Man pointing at each other.


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Man, a search on Reddit for First Republic has a discussion 6 days ago where the top comment absolute assured a concerned individual that the bank is solid as fuck. Remember, taking financial or legal advice from stranger on Reddit is probably not the best choice out there.


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Someone’s failed the students many times before it got to this. Likely multiple someone’s, at school and at home. Yes, stuff is complex, yes, everyone is so busy it’s hard to be there to parent, yes we use schools as baby sitting, and yes, teachers have their hands tied by ridiculous rules and fears. Those things don’t mean we aren’t failing them, and it doesn’t mean we stop trying to figure out how to make it better. I’d personally like to start by paying teachers more to attract better trained teachers, I’d appreciate it if extremists would stop using schools to shape the communities in their image, and I’d appreciate it if we had higher standards for administrators along with holding them accountable in ways other than how much they spend and what test scores look like.