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This is what happens when administrations constantly yank back and forth on serious agencies we need. No political party should be allowed to say- let’s protect the super rich instead of water

Republicans constantly get people to vote against their own damn water and clean dirt and soils in their yards to garden.



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I’ve been watching the properties get gobbled up in that area and guessed it will be full of landlords that live anywhere but there. I hope the area is revitalized but most likely it will end up like Reading. The NY folks bought up the cheap absolutely beautiful properties and turned them into multi family rentals that went to crap.


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Good list. Please add

Act like adults and work across the aisles of parties to get things done.

It’s like all the new GOP wants to do is how to find a new message to make all the stuff they do tolerable to the folks in PA and I have news for them—-We are not Florida. We want results to benefit ALL OF US


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The issues the new GOP are running on are not what the population wants.

1–Even republicans are pro choice 2-The constant fake moral outrage is getting old and PA residents are educated. Though you took over a few school boards, that will be temporary. Your hostile takeover attempts and attitude drive more and more people away. 3-Tax cuts for the wealthy class. Again, people in PA are educated and see through your “hype”. We like our unions. We like to be paid fairly and we deserve the same healthcare the politicians have.

The list is just too long. Money please.



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This is the dog whistle book for “moms for liberty”. It’s their go to “read it out loud at a school board meeting” to cause problems where there are none. Then they scream “it’s pornographic!!!!” And I remind them

parents can opt their kids out of any books through any class.

their crotch goblins pass around porn through “cartoons” that the parents are truly not aware of—think Adult Swim and other fun shows.

Plus their own hubbies passed around the playboy magazines at one time or another.

And they can always open their own private school or homeschool. Bye bye


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Apologies on late reply. Near elections, people buy and sell Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok accounts. Or they buy farms of users to start new accounts. In bulk. Corporations do this, politicians do this, even countries do this to get their propaganda out. In some cases real dangerous crap for sure. People still fall for it as I see “real” people arguing with these types of accounts instead of saving their energy.


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This is the very well funded moms for Liberty Facebook crap. They are very well organized in PA and are hosting meetings in PA this month:

October 13th Berks county

October 20th Lehigh County

November 1st Cumberland County

They are funded by DeVos, Koch, Heritage, Turning Point. Their Director for PA is a Republican for hire that was fired from her school board years ago because she said early education was meaningless.

They want to burn it all down.

Join up on their Facebook pages and get involved in the meetings to see just how outrageous their goals are. They will dox people, go after good people in your community, your neighbors and they love the fights and drama they create. All to further their religious goals. How far will they go? Apparently planting any evidence they see fit.