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Benzene was the ingredient that is associated with cancer and other health conditions. I use alcohol based sanitizers with aloe and vitamin E.

The virus is mainly transmitted through respiratory droplets. But there is still a chance for surface transmission. Besides, other viruses and illnesses are transmitted through surface contact. I’ve always used sanitizer though. Especially when I was working with the public and often in contact with immunocompromised people.


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Not downvoting, but legit wondering how it can be said that masks are useless.

When we had mask mandates, the transmission rates were lower than other states that didn’t enforce mask wearing. When we had mask mandates lifted, the virus started spreading like wildfire. There has to be some correlation between the two.

That being said, I’m a mask wearer, I use sanitizer, and was fully vaccinated, when I contracted covid. But it was brought into my home by family members who thought masks were a burden to their free-will and they aren’t exactly avid hand-washers.

My first bout of covid is what messed me up and this was before the vaccine was created. My second bout was after being fully vaccinated, during the omnicron variant, and it was much easier to deal with, but I had a horrible reaction to the first dose of vaccine. I haven’t had any boosters.

Either way, my body hasn’t been the same since the virus and every day is a damn struggle.


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This is way off topic for this post, but I wanted to comment that the body positivity movement is about acceptance of all bodies, regardless of size, shape, skin tone, gender, and physical abilities, while challenging present-day beauty standards as an undesirable social construct. While most people are capable of having a healthy body through healthy diet and exercise, there are still many people trapped in a larger body due to various conditions and illnesses. Body positivity is just a matter of accepting and respecting other humans, no matter what they look like. It’s just common decency. There are other movements out there that try to glamorize obesity and say it’s healthy, but I think it’s typical of any movement for people to twist things to the extreme.


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You are one of the lucky if your experience with covid wasn’t terrible. Many people are able to recover just fine, but millions are dead, many more are now disabled and struggling to cope with the after affects of contracting covid.


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Rest! Eat healthy, drink plenty of water, take vitamin supplements, especially vitamin D. I ended up with a severe vitamin D deficiency. I never had any vitamin deficiencies before this! It’s like covid ravaged my body of vitamins. You may end up totally fine, depending on what variant you have. I hope you have a speedy recovery!


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I like my room cold and I can’t stand the house being too warm. When my family complains about the cold, I tell them to dress like we live in Maine. It’s winter, get the winter woollies on! When my nephew lived with me, he would crank the thermostat to 75-80 and run around in shorts. Lots of bickering, it was really annoying and disrespectful lol


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Anywhere between 62-65, sometimes when it’s really cold we turn the thermostat up to 70/72, but it keeps the place around 65ish. We rent and the place isn’t properly insulated.


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I’ve never had a pair of the traditional trendy bean boots. I felt I couldn’t trust the tread. But I do have a pair of bean’s hiking boots and they are great. They have super thick heavy duty tread; I’ve never slipped on ice with them. They keep my feet warm, keep my ankles stable when on rough hikes, and they are roomy enough for thick boot socks when I needed them. I use them through late fall, winter, and early spring.