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The US is huge and it doesn't take that many books sold to get on the bestseller list. Something like 5-10,000 to get on the NYT bestseller list. For amazon, it's less than 5000 upon release. In a country of over 200 million adults, that's peanuts. And Americans in general don't read many books lol.

If people do buy it it will be for the drama I expect.

Edit: the best selling book this year, Verity, has sold 3 million copies. Which sounds like a lot until you remember the 200 million adults in the country. Only 1.5% of the country bought it, less depending on how many of those sales were international. There is no real "cultural zeitgeist" in the US for books anymore.


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People who care about the mythology of the royal family don't like them or are neutral.

People who think it's a retrograde institution that shouldn't exist either are neutral or appreciate that they're being honest about what they've experienced.

People who only cared about Diana are either neutral for William's sake or rooting for the whole thing to come crashing down.

People who like drama find it hilarious that the firm is unable to control them.

Most people don't give a shit.