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Stop. So, now he is responsible for everyone else's hot takes on Facebook about the issue? He inquired for a lawyer rec to help guide him through the process, not to sue anyone. He admitted he was wrong, made several posts about how he failed in this instance and was making it right and ended up making it right. What more do you want from the guy? You have every right to not be a patron of Thai Express, but to continue to disparage the man's character after he admitted and owned up to a mistake reflects more about you than him. Being a successful, well-known business owner doesn't exclude you from failure; it just shines a brighter light on you when you do fail. And the dude didn't scurry away like a cockroach.


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The general consensus of our residents and the subreddit community undoubtedly disagree with you, but you are entitled to your opinion. I mean, are property values higher on the south side or north side? What factors do you think play into south side properties having more value? If you can’t objectively answer that question then you are simply being dishonest.

Are you going to get stabbed, shot, or car jacked on the north side? Probably not, but your chances are certainly higher because of all those factors that play into low property values. Homelessness, crime and drugs, distance from infrastructure, and crumbling infrastructure.

Creepy people do exist all over town. The difference is you don’t see groups of homeless or sketchy people who are obviously tweeking out walking down the sidewalk of republic road on the daily. Go take a peek at the homeless camp behind Creasian on Chestnut.


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Nah, I've lived here 15 years. You'd do fine to ignore the north side completely - and by that, I mean north of Chestnut. The north side has a reputation because it is factually a more dangerous part of town and objectively is uglier and more run down. Commercial is a little better since they moved The Kitchen, but I've previously had to drive across town to meet my ex after she couldn't leave Lindburg's due to two creepy homeless guys following her outside and catcalling her, so she didn't even feel safe enough to walk to her car.

It's great that you feel content and I am happy for you, but don't downplay the subreddit's concerns at large about the north side as some type of exaggerated pearl clutching. It is what it is.