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It's just a suggestion, take if you will or won't. I mean hell, some people refuse to watch a show with a "tainted" actor, or those programs aren't aired by many channels or streaming platforms, like the cosby show for example. Some people thought it was unfair because the other actors hadn't done anything triffling and they deserved those royalties. But on the one hand, they have other royalties and roles, or they take on other jobs after acting. I'm not saying it's fair, but its hard to work out royalty payments if viewers won't touch a movie or show or whatever with a ten foot pole.


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We could pirate the material. Why let them earn anything from their art? We could just make the art public property, give the royalties to the victims, anything beneficial to others and not the artist, because why should someone immoral profit from their art, especially if there was no punishment, or a just punishment?