petethebeat14 OP t1_j8ygkod wrote

Amazing response, thank you!

My issue is I come into headphones as a pop song producer and just a general enjoyer of music with clear dynamics.

It’s just so odd to me how flat these headphones sound. So much of music IS dynamics so I don’t understand what I’m missing here in the listening experience.

Is it clarity? My Momentums may have heavier bass but I really have to say, the detail is fantastic too.

To me, the Diana’s main issue is the flatness, lack of dynamic and general quietness (I’m not sure how else to describe it).

Is the real issue just not having a strong enough driver/amp? It seems INSANE to me that now I have to spend thousands more to get these to sound decent?

Jeez, what have I gotten myself into!! Haha


petethebeat14 OP t1_j8v0vt7 wrote

I didn’t audition, no. Could you explain burn in? I played them a bunch tonight so hopefully that helps.

Interesting about amps. Do I really have to shell out thousands on an amp for these to sound better? I knew they’d be an investment but having to do all these additional upgrades seem to defeat the purpose of spending all the money on these!